Towing Accessories

Towing accessories are the necessary, and sometimes option, parts that complete your pleasurable towing experience.

Ball Mounts

Necessary to complete your receiver hitch installation, ball mounts slide into your towing hitch and hold your hitch ball.  They are secured to your trailer hitch using a hitch pin.

Hitch Balls

Hitch balls come in a few different sizes and different tow ratings.  Both are important when considering what to buy for your application.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring for your vehicle can be really simple or quite complex.  We install every type of trailer wiring we sell.  To make your trailer lights function, they much be plugged into a corresponding vehicle side wiring harness or plug.  A variety of plugs are available including: 4-way, 6-way and 7-way.

Brake Controllers

The function of a brake controller is to activate the electronic brakes on your trailer.  Larger trailers are normally equipped with electronic brakes to help you stop heavy payloads.  To take advantage of this trailer feature you will need an electronic brake controller.

Cargo Baskets

Cargo basket are a simple towing accessory that can add a lot of space inside your vehicle.  They are great for for hauling an ice chest as well.  The basket slides into your receiver hitch where a ball mount would normally go and are easily attachable and detachable.

Trailer Lighting


Cargo Management