Diesel Performance Accessories

Looking to give your truck a little more “get up and go” and better fuel efficiency?

We carry a full line of the performance upgrades to get more horsepower, better towing and increased fuel efficiency out of your truck.


Computer Performance Upgrades

The most popular, fastest and easiest of all performance upgrades is updating you trucks computer settings.  We carry handheld tuners, plug in performance modules to get back the horsepower and torque that has been tuned down for the general public.

diesel programmers

Air/Fuel Delivery Upgrades

Truck engines require air to burn fuel properly and fully.  As you increase the demands of your engine adding more free flowing and cool air will allow fuel to burn more efficiently.  High flow air filters and high-performance air intake systems will ensure that you are not strangling your engine.

k&n air intake

Exhaust System Upgrades

When you are putting a lot of air into your engine and turning out more horsepower and torque you need to get rid of the air that is going into the diesel engine.  High flow performance exhaust system move more air than stock diesel exhaust.   They make your truck sound mean too.

diesel exhaust system

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