Drop N Lock Gooseneck Hitch

  • 35,000 LB. Gross Towing Rating
    With Standard Ball
  • 9,000 LB. Gross Ton Weight With
    Standard Ball

Extremely Strong and Unbeatable
No Levers Underbed
No Hinges

No Springs
No Pins

No Welding

Work this ball from top side of your bed. No more levers
under bed to pull.
Flush Mounting Flush mounting allows materials of any kind to lay flat.

add the tailored style and finished look to any
plastic liner.
Flatbbed Kits
mount in any style flatbed without redesigning you bed.

Here to Models Available

Lift Up Wedge – Slide Ball Off 1″
Stationary Stud

Lift Ball Completely Out of Socket

Rotate Ball – Replace Wedge

More Clearance?
Order a Tall Shank Ball

Raised an extra 1 1/4″ above Standard Balls

Ball &
Standard 2 5/16″ Solid Milled Ball & Wedge,
included with the purchase of each unit. Virtually on of the
strongest balls milled today.

Receptacle Box
Securing ball 3/8″ in Cold Roll Plate Steel, aligning
front and back and sides. Manufactured into centerplate.


Double Rolled For Distinction


Setting new
standards DROP ‘N LOCKS offers a new double rolled
centerplate. These centerplates are performing with
first-class strengths, manufactured with 1/4″ steel.
These centerplates are pre-punched for easy installation and
built to withstand demanding tongue pressure from loading
and unloading trailers. Development of DROP ‘N LOCKS
accomplishment, for today’s market requirements. PAT.


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